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About Us

I  have been creating images in many mixed media for 4 decades. Originally as a fine art photographer, photojournalist and then I turned to specializing in 3D Laser Holography, Lenticular 3D Photography and Stereography in time-lapse cinematography as well as panoramically in 3D.

While I am considered a veteran seasoned photographer, my specialty has been multiple visual formats that all render 3 dimensional views. I feel that this most closely approximates the reality we see everyday, and in cases of abstract imagery, colors and forms can be presented within a volumetrc tableau rather than forced to be collapsed upon a paper or film.

My work is collected and on display publicly in over 15 countries and my subjects range from vintage rock and roll icons to 3- Dimensional botanical studies. I love the other worldly sense clashing with the deeply familiar as the "reality" of the hologram challenges our precepts of what is possible in an image. I am deeply committed to exploring the nature of light and the workings of human perception.

Most of all they're fun to look at !