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Custom 3D Images and Displays

For 40 years we produce world class 3D holograms and 3D Lenticular images and large scale displays. Whether you need one showstopping display or a million 3D stickers, we specialize in custom imaging and mastering services for many applications including corporate, fine art, merchandise and even 3 dimensional portraits made to order.
Feel free to contact us about your 3D needs.  
The real Dizzy Gillespie clowns  in front of his 3D animated holographic portrait 3'x4'


3D 8ft x 4 ft Lightbox for Lobby installation

Life-sized human3D portrait for special event.

Real estate sales room 3D building in 4' x 6' display for J.Milton Corp.

LIghtbox 4ft x 6 ft in 3D for sales center

3D Life Sized Portraiture

3D Tabletop Promotional Piece

3D Tabletop Promotional Piece

Canadair Challenger Aircraft Interior Installation

3D Trade Show Display