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What is a Hologram and What Is A lenticular 3D Photograph

Real holograms are made by laser and are the result of  recording the patterns of laser light reflecting off the subject and then reconstructing the image by re-illuminating the hologram with white light or laser light depending on the type of hologram.

Lenticular 3D photographs are a combination of 6 to 36 images all taken from slightly different perspectives. Then all the images are combined into an "interlaced" file. When printed the interlaced print is then laminated by hand to within less that a hundredth of an inch to a lens array which can vary in thickness and frequency from 15 lenses per inch to 100 lenses per inch.

The illusion of 3D occurs when both eyes are seeing the slightly offset images and a binocular stereographic experience occurs.

While much work has been done globally towards achieving full color holograms, the 3d lenticular process much more readily  can render exacting colors much like normal photography.