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Pushing The Limits of Cinema Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 120fps 3D 4K

Ang Lee Doug Trumbull Expanded Cinema High Frame Rate Showscan

I love Ang Lee. Makes total sense that he tapped Doug Trumbull as he is the grandfather of High Frame Rate originally with film as in his Showscan system. Then 10 years after reading about Showscan I got to see it in France at Futuroscope where one of my  Dizzy holograms is also installed. It was amazing and for a 2d film looked incredibly realistic as all strobing and grain artifacts disappeared. There's no doubt that this is the evolution of cinema and digital cinema as well. It's really great because at least a couple billion people are watching movies...

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Santiago Rubino Painting in 3D at The Wynwood Walls, Miami Arts District

3D Fine Art Lenticular Mark Diamond Miami Street Art Santiago Rubino Wynwood

Santiago Rubino in process, painting in 3D at the Wynwood Walls, Miami Arts District by Mark Diamond

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Happy Birthday Keith Haring

Keith Haring hologram MIT Museum Pulsed hologram portrait

Here's an animated gif made from images taken of the pulsed hologram of Keith on display at the MIT Museum. He would have been 58 today.

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A 3D Visit to 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa at Walt Grace Vintage in Miami's Wynwood Art District

1958 Testa Rossa 3D Cars 3D Ferrari Fine Art Lenticular Mark Diamond Walt Grace Vintage Wynwood

    I had the pleasure to film a pristine 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa at the incredible showroom gallery of Walt Grace Vintage/Cars & Guitars yesterday. We'll see how this project shapes up as there are so many beautiful aspects to this highly sought after vehicle.       

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Ah, All That's Old is New Again

animated GIF Iguana Key Biscayne Mark Diamond

Greetings From Key Biscayne Vintage GIF 2001 by Mark Diamond It's funny to read about and experience new "things" that have been around forever. I guess it makes for jazzier copy. I know animated GIFs are a "thing" now, here's one I made 15 years ago. LOL

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