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Pushing The Limits of Cinema Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 120fps 3D 4K

Ang Lee Doug Trumbull Expanded Cinema High Frame Rate Showscan

I love Ang Lee. Makes total sense that he tapped Doug Trumbull as he is the grandfather of High Frame Rate originally with film as in his Showscan system. Then 10 years after reading about Showscan I got to see it in France at Futuroscope where one of my  Dizzy holograms is also installed. It was amazing and for a 2d film looked incredibly realistic as all strobing and grain artifacts disappeared.

There's no doubt that this is the evolution of cinema and digital cinema as well. It's really great because at least a couple billion people are watching movies on their phones tablets and laptops, and it bears no relation to the theatrical experience. This is one direction not referred to when talking about "expanded cinema" however people like Trumbull have been on it for a quarter century. It's a very slow adoption curve and historically back in the early 60s an attempt by members of SMPTE tried to petition Disney, then the majority controller of movie screens, to retrofit all theaters worldwide with motors that would run 30FPS rather than the standard 24 FPS in order to eliminate strobing and other artifacts that prop up when panning or tilting at that frame rate. They wouldn't go for it. 20 years later with the advent of digital cinema we finally leave that behind us and now this. This is envelope pushing and game changing although I don't expect many releases anytime soon to parallel this. Can't wait to see it

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